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Commercial buildings are responsible for 18 percent of US carbon dioxide emissions, a primary greenhouse gas. Together, we can reduce the damage that causes to our environment.


Campaign Downloads

Get everyone to power down! Download and share these promotional and informational resources to motivate you and your co-workers!

Adopt a Light

Turn off lights when they’re not needed at the end of the day or when leaving a conference room.

Light switches in common or frequented areas get “adopted” by participants. These “parents” take responsibility for their light switches—putting them down for naps when not in use during the day and to bed before leaving the office in the evening.

Energy Vampire Slayer

Unplug pesky energy vampires hiding in electronics such as computers, monitors, printers and cell phone chargers at night.

Vampire Slayers take the oath to hunt down energy vampires, unplugging them and placing fang “markers” on the desks of devices caught feasting overnight.




Power Down: Unplucked!

Power Down: Unplucked! encourages co-workers to turn off their devices when leaving their workspaces.

If employees forget to unplug or power down their devices—”fowl” play—they’ll find a rubber chicken on their desk with tips for how to reduce energy waste.

Sweet Goodnight

Sweet Goodnight campaign empowers people to turn off their computers and other unneeded devices at night.

Employees who do receive a sweet reward, while those who don’t receive a card reminding them computers need sleep too.

Do It Yourself

Get ready to customize a one-of-a-kind campaign tailored for your business.

Draw inspiration from Step Up and Power Down’s official campaigns, and take advantage of an array of customizable tools and templates to help you engage coworkers, track your progress and share your success.

Small & Medium Businesses

Start saving energy today with these low-cost or no-cost options specific to retail businesses.

Energy Champion Training
Learn about Step Up and Power Down and what you can do to reduce energy waste at your business.

Energy Champion Training

Small Business Checklists
These checklists are tailored to help retail businesses start saving today.

Retail Checklist

Café & Restaurant Checklist

Other Checklist

Large Commercial Businesses

Start saving energy today with these low-cost or no-cost options.

Rebates & Incentives Sheet
Learn about available incentives and rebates for energy-efficient retrofits.

Rebates & Incentives Sheet

Enhanced Operations and Maintenance Information Sheet
Learn about a specialized training made available for Step Up and Power Down building engineers and operators.

Enhanced O&M One-Pager

Energy Champion Training
Get your employees excited about Step Up and Power Down by hosting an Energy Champion Training.

Energy Champion Training

Small changes in one area can effect big changes in another, so if we all pull together and use less energy, it’s going to be better off for everyone.

Electric Bicycle Superstore, San Francisco

San Francisco

Tools & Tips

Every company—small to large—can take steps to be more energy efficient. Use some of the tips here to save energy and motivate your co-workers to do the same. Do a little—or do it all! Remember, when we’re all working together, each little step adds up to make long-term differences.


Take advantage of natural lighting.

Natural light has been shown to increase happiness, lower non attendance and improve employee productivity. Let’s use more of it!

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On hot summer days, close your blinds to keep cool.

When fully closed, highly reflective blinds can decrease heat gain by 45 percent.

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Get your rebate!

It's simple. Purchase an approved energy-efficient product, fill out an application and we’ll send you a check. Rebate catalogs, organized by product and industry, can be found on PG&E’s website. Please contact your Account Representative or for Small/Medium Businesses sign up for Business Tools to help with the process and ensure that the product is eligible for a rebate.

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Switch out old CFL or incandescent screw-in light bulbs for advanced LEDs.

Advanced LEDs last 20 times longer than incandescent lighting and consume at least 75 percent less energy.

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Schedule checkups of commercial refrigerators to increase their lifespans and energy efficiency.

Without proper maintenance, energy-efficient equipment can become ineffective and their energy savings can be eliminated. Find local contractors who participate in PG&E’s energy-efficiency rebates for your business.

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Check your thermostat regularly.

HVAC units consume 30 to 70 percent of commercial buildings’ energy during summer peak hours. Make sure your settings are helping you meet your energy-efficiency goals.

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Skip the elevator, take the stairs.

Every five to 10 minutes of physical activity can help increase your own personal energy and lower stress—and cut down on your building’s power use!

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Turn off equipment.

Unplug or power down devices when not in use. You’ll save energy and money, and collectively we’ll get one step closer to meeting our state’s energy-reduction goals.

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Energy Advisor  

To contact a Step Up and Power Down Energy Advisor or Engagement Manager for personalized recommendations about free resources and tools, and for help in creating and executing your plan, email:

Small & Medium Businesses (less than 100 people)

Large Commercial Businesses

We can also provide you with information about PG&E rebates, incentives, retrofits and other ideas on how to save.

Photograph of Mr. Owyang and Vince Bitz
Mr. Owyang, Owner of New Sun Hong Kong,
and Vince Bitz, SUPD Engagement Manager

See Your Progress

One of the perks of participating in Step Up and Power Down is seeing how well your efforts are paying off. You can check your progress using our free tracking tools.

If you haven’t already, sign up for Energy Check. It’s free and easy to use.